Winter Flowers

I’ve been watching the garden here in London for a couple of months. There is a ginko tree out back, one of my mother’s favorite trees. My son planted it in her memory a long time ago. It is now very tall and hides the side of the house behind us. It’s fun to watch the changing colors of the leaves as autumn weather gets colder, until finally its bare branches glitter in the low sunlight. (Nov.5, 11, 28) ginko-1

Then I looked out this morning and noticed some tiny yellow spots on the back fence, which turned out to be delicate yellow flowers – winter jasmine, I think. We did a lot of pulling out tangled greenery this summer, and I didn’t even know this plant was there. I photographed it next to one of the candle holders that give the back fence a nice glow in the summer evenings.


For the festive season, here are a couple of photos of our enormous holly tree. It is simply covered with berries this year. A blackbird hen uses it for her abode, carefully darting in through the prickles, or pecking away at the berries on the other side. We also have a little robin who is too quick for my camera. He likes the small black berries from the creeper vine. He comes most mornings, and stands on the compost bin looking at us through the dining room window before he, too, takes his breakfast.

To all my readers, thank you, and I wish you all a Happy Hollyday!

What a Bloomin’ Colorful Daily Post

<a href="">Colorful</a>12B May 2015 (6)

This peony, displaying its colourful blooms in my English garden, was given to us from a neighbour about 1/2 a mile away, as they didn’t want it anymore. Not sure where to put it, we heeled it in at the end of the shed, and there it grew and bloomed for a few years. Then it was moved across the garden to a better spot where it also grew and bloomed. At last it was moved to the front garden against the fence, and under the plum tree and bushes. And still it blooms and grows. And I was told that peonies do not like to be moved!


This lovely lilac is just down the street from us here in Albuquerque; but our wisteria is not blooming enough to be colorful yet. This one across the street certainly is. We are surrounded by sweet smelling, lavender flowers.

TLC 004

Isn’t Spring lovely?

And for a burst of colorful artificial flowers at the Folk Art Fair last year, how about this.

Folk Art Festival July 2015 (2)