What’s in a Name – finding a new title

Vitaphone synchronized camera

We have most if not all of the interviews recorded for the documentary of my father, Stan Watkins, first sound man of the Movies. However there is a lot to be done with the post-production that includes editing, adding photos and soundtrack, and finding a title which will encourage people to take notice, and perhaps donate needed funds.

My director has tried several different ideas but they may be a bit pedantic and overwhelming (Kinematography?) and unless you recognize his name, Stan Watkins doesn’t necessarily grab you. So I keep going back to Talking Pictures: A Sound Decision, which my dear departed brother suggested. Because of the initials of Stanley Sylvester Alexander Watkins, I have thought of A Man of all Seasons, A Well Seasoned Man, (Spring Summer Autumn Winter, get it?) or something like that. Any ideas? You might have to go and check out the story itself on Stan Watkins’ Documentary. https://www.gofundme.com/n3rpk-stanley-watkins-documentary¬†

My director has added lots of pertinent information about Stan and the early silent-to-sound  movie industry, so go into all the updates for an interesting, illustrated read.

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