Daily Post – Feast

west norwood feast 012

Our suburb in South East London has become trendy, and one of the joys is the first Sunday of the month community FEAST (sorry, I had the camera on ‘p’ by mistake so this came out too blue). There are stalls all along the high street with luscious food for sale; sausages from the farm in Kent – would you believe Stilton & asparagus sausages – delicious. And the artisan bread is super. Such a nice change from the sliced supermarket stuff.

west norwood feast 009 west norwood feast 010

At the end of the street a large church opens its gardens to the Feast, and it is filled with stalls selling food; everything from Japanese, to Caribbean, to African, grilled cheese and organic beef burgers, to local ladies’ cakes. Layers upon colourful, gooey layers! All eaten by happy Feasters sitting on the grass. Yes, we do have sunny days in London.

.west norwood feast 024west norwood feast 015

west norwood feast 023west norwood feast 017

And our favourite, the French lady stirring up sliced potatoes, chopped ham, herbs, mushrooms, cheese and lots of real cream in huge, flat pans. We found her again at the Country Show Sunday, so that’s what’s for dinner with some (frozen) sausages tonight.

west norwood feast 016

Doesn’t that make your mouth water? She adds a couple of cornichons (tiny pickles) to your feast.

There is a street blocked off for artisan stalls selling lots of hand knitted garments and toys, and printed tea-towels – we bought one of our area, I can’t resist a tea-towel. Pottery and jewellery have their place, and there was a table where we ‘crumblies’ were offered a free cup of tea (or coffee) and scone with butter and jam; lesser folk were asked for a donation.

west norwood feast 011

There is now a community center in our town which was putting on “The Big Sing.” We trundled up the hill to hear this, and found a friend displaying his paintings in the upstairs gallery there. But downstairs we were in for a treat; large and small, local choral groups performed songs for us, but the most wonderful was a huge choir from the Asian community (where are they on other days, I wondered) which sang beautifully in Mandarin; they sang Edelweiss in English too. What an unexpected delight.

Chinese Philarmonic Choir (2)

Now you’ve feasted your eyes on the West Norwood Feast, I’ll go write a blog about SSAW. Nice to be back.


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