Daily Prompt – Fifty – a good age to go to school.

I married my third and last husband – a University professor – when I was 52, and started my academic career soon after that. The best time to study at University is in your fifties. I had no need to work, no children to look after, and best of all I could read the set books in the original in the library; I wasn’t after a degree so I often chose my courses by the required texts. If you have children at Uni, you know how expensive the texts are; my math class had two small books, each $1. Who could ask for better value? And the original feels so much better than a paperback copy, however close to the original it has been made.

Because I was a professor’s spouse, I got free tuition, and even now that he is retired, I could go to classes for $15. So it is a great boon to be a ‘mature’ or ‘returning’ student.

And the professors love you because not only do you come to class fully clad, you don’t put your feet up on the desk in front and eat during class. And we had learned grammar. I loved the research and writing papers.

Yes, I took a long time to graduate – actually 14 years, enjoying every minute. I was 67 when I got my BA in American Studies with a Native American minor. Maybe I’ll go back to school now I am 81, there is still so much to learn.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Fifty – a good age to go to school.

  1. Hi, Barb! I really appreciated this post, because I think learning should be pleasurable not stressful. You had the ultimate luxury – just learning for the pure joy of it. Even the maths!


    1. Hi Cas, I had to choose between math and political science (ugh) for my final 6 hours. How could I do math since I chose the arts side at age 16, so university math would be out of the question and US terminology is different. My advisor suggested Honors Math which is ‘sideways’ – mobius curves, different kinds of infinity, etc, and there were just two text books @$1 each (!). So I joined the class and it was super. Sometimes I was thinking ‘why am I doing this, I don’t understand it’ and at other times I was going “Wow, this is incredible.” And though nobody told me beforehand, if I hadn’t done Math, I wouldn’t have been made Phi Beta Kappa. Win win situation.



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