Flower of the Day: Buddleia

Mrs Angloswiss angloswiss showed us her lovely pink buddleia bush yesterday; today I show you the magenta one in our back jungle. We were eating lunch outside – not as easy as all that since we only have a small foot-high table outdoors, which means balancing trays on our laps.  And the folding chairs are a challenge too; one can easily tip backwards and end up with one’s head in the lavender bush. This can be an embarrassment for the victim, but great amusement to the rest of us, once we realise nobody is hurt.

When I took the photos above I realised there was a visitor on one so here it is enlarged:

buddleia 003

The bees love the lavender, too, when nobody is falling into it.

We share this fence with next door’s creeper and grapevine; there are at least two bunches on our side. They ripen into dark purple wine grapes that I make into jelly. I have permission to gather crab apples from the tree that hangs over the wall at No.6, though I must warn the elderly mother before I go gathering. No strawberries for us, this year, as the beetles get them before we do, and we only had 4 plums from the huge prunus out front; the blackbird scavenged them before we got here. But there will still be bounty from the garden; isn’t it lovely to pick your own.

While we’re in Europe I will miss the figs, grapes and most of the pomegranates in our garden back home, and hope that Taylor is enjoying them. Blueberries and corn are growing there too – the blueberry plants bought from a catalogue and planted in colorful Spanish pots on the patio, the corn a surprise, or what our NM gardener calls ‘volunteers.’ Last year I tossed some corn, beans and cilantro seeds we’d been given under the desert willow and thought nothing of it. A few straggly cilantro plants appeared; not enough to do anything with, but nothing else. Until this spring when suddenly half a dozen corn plants sprang up, and up, and up; when we left they were knee high. I didn’t mean to be a farmer, but heck, if something good grows, let it. We have had squash and even a melon grow out of the compost heap. Taylor is looking after the house and garden and sends bulletins. So we’ll enjoy the Albuquerque produce vicariously.


2 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: Buddleia

  1. What a beautiful buddleia! Does it attract butterflies like crazy? I surely do hope I never have to sit in one of those chairs. I’d have trouble getting back up! The old bones ain’ta what they used to be, to paraphrase that old song. But what a lovely garden. Thank you for sharing this bit of it. Just the respite I needed this morning. Big breath in. Long, slow breath out.

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    1. We do get butterflies, mostly the smaller ones and they flit so quickly I cannot really identify them, despite the butterfly book I rescued from the attic near the boxes of my father’s collection of lepidoptera and other insects. I should write a SSAW blog about them one of these days.
      The chairs are not those awkward low slung beach chairs that always pinch your fingers when you try to set them up or fold them away. They are canvas ‘directors’ chairs, but equally unsteady, especially out on the grass.
      So glad you like my garden; it’s a bit of a jungle, but I love it.

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