Good Morning

I always say “Good Morning World” as I open the kitchen blinds each morning, and I pat the head of the little carved wooden bird perched next to the cork bulletin board.polish bird 001

I acquired this in Germany while Hugh was teaching in Muenster. One day I read about a gallery showing Polish wood carvings; they are quite lovely and I decided to go and see the new collection. I walked around some while before I found it, in a house some way away from the center of town.

It was a collection of beautiful examples of this folk craft – some very detailed, some so simple but still lovely. With my limited German the proprietor and I had a conversation about the work. Her brother bought the pieces in Poland and brought them over to her gallery. This was the latest shipment.

We chatted a bit while I admired the workmanship. But I didn’t buy anything because regretfully they were not within my budget.

When I was about to leave the woman asked me if I had any Polish wood carvings. “I’m afraid not,” I said. “Well, here is the start of your collection,” she said, handing me the little bird.

I wish I could say I now have my own collection of Polish wood carvings, but my little bird is still the only one.


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