Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Architecture

I picked a few from my photo album; all taken by me. The camera often leaves a date.El Fuerte & Charls

El Fuerte, Copper Canyon (Barrancas de Cobre) Mexico, with our guide Charles.

phone july 17 2015 007

Los Angeles Folk Art Museum; with my sister, saw outlandish shoes, and a Veterans’ exhibit.

Vancouver Feb 2015 with Su (4)

Vancouver houseboats on rafts on the river; skyscrapers on the mainland, with my other sister.

Valles Caldera with Paul Tosa 009

TV lawman Longmire’s house in the Valles Caldera, NM. I was there on a tour, before the series was filmed there.

church in Tucson

San Xavier de Bac in Tucson, AZ. We spent New Year in Tucson. Great time to be there.

railyard (6)

Albuquerque Railyards; once a thriving repair shop, now derelict, though a farmers’ market takes place on Sundays.

San Miguel

San Miguel Chapel, Santa Fe, NM. Built in early 17th century for the Mexican Indians who came north with the Spanish settlers. Still in use.

Chimney Rock 029

Ceremonial kiva at Chimney Rock Pueblo, Colorado. Near Pagosa Springs. Had a wonderful weekend there. Impress architecture, built ca 900-1150.

Hawaii 083

Hawaii. No comment.


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