Pedro the Voder at home

SSAW playing Pedro the Voder

Are you playing the piano, Daddy?

No, Bops, this looks a little like a piano but it’s a Voder, and its name is Pedro.

Why is the Voder’s name Pedro?

It was named after Dom Pedro, who was an Emperor of Brazil. When he first saw a telephone a long, long time ago, he was very surprised. He said: “It talks!” and because I made the Voder talk, we call it Pedro.

That’s funny, Daddy. It looks like you are playing the piano, but the way Pedro talks is funny.

Do you remember when you and Annikins, and SuziQ came to the World’s Fair with Mummy and me? We stood up on a balcony looking down at the lady playing the Voder and Pedro said hello to each of you. You were very excited.

Yes, I remember that. We were all dressed in our green kilts with red jackets that Mummy made for us. I love my red jacket, I’m wearing it right now.

I wonder what Mang is doing with Uncle McInerney’s hair? It doesn’t look like he is a bit bothered. He is one of your engineers, isn’t he?

Yes. He just got back from Japan where he looked after our business there.

Can Pedro say Hello, McInerney?

Yes, he can. Listen.

That sounds really funny, Daddy. But it is very clever for a machine like Pedro to talk.’And you were very clever to make it talk.

And if my readers want to hear the Voder talk, follow this Hackaday link:






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