Good Morning – Daisy Bread

Zuni Daisy Bread 001

Our Zuni Pueblo friends are raising money for their daughter to travel to Europe with her class. I really admire these parents working hard to give their child this experience. They put it out on Facebook, and got lots of friends ordering pies and breads. The trip requires big bucks, and mom – as well as working days as an accountant – has been baking pies and what she calls “Daisy Bread.” A one-woman bake sale.

Daisy Bread is a sweet bread topped with icing sugar and jam. We chose the orange marmalade topping. It is a huge loaf (that’s a dinner plate under it) and we are slowly working our way through it. But, because of the marmalade which is dripping off the sides and sticky as all get out, we can’t put it in the toaster. I tried to broil it under the grill in the oven, but had to beware of the hot jam.

Here’s a funny difference in English/American language terminology – when telling a friend here (US) I might have to grill the bread, they looked very puzzled and assumed I meant on the barbecue. We Brits do say ‘grill’ in the oven, don’t we? I think ‘broil’ is the American equivalent. My PA says we are two people separated by a common language.

Anyway, before my lovely “daisy bread” dries up, I may have to take some to my neighbour. Don’t you wish you were next door?



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