Color my world – Screaming Green.

Angloswiss posted a super picture of a red headed woodpecker hanging on a green mesh bag of seeds, and it inspired me to dig up this photo of a visitor to my parsley a couple of years ago.Black Swallowtail catepillar 001

I did a bit of research and found that this was probably a black swallowtail. Sadly I never saw it grow into anything; it just disappeared, but this is what it should have become, and I have seen one or two in the garden since. I didn’t take these photos.


But I did take the caterpillar.



7 thoughts on “Color my world – Screaming Green.

    1. I photographed the caterpillar on my parsley plant out back, and then googled this:
      to find out what it was. Hundreds of like photos. The butterfly ones were also googled, once I had identified the caterpillar:
      So I can’t either give the photographer credit or give you his name. But there are loads of photos from which to pick one on these links.


      1. They are certainly lovely photos. I didn’t go to the links since they are searches, but just a word of caution: You might want to check the copyright on the photographs you used. Not all photographers freely share their work. Many take exception to bloggers and other publishers who use their work without permission or without purchasing a license. For many, their work is their livelihood. For others, it is their art.

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  1. Would so love to have such visitors in my garden. We do get a few Cabbage Whites and Small Blues, though, quite lovely. And the odd Comma. The bees are already here, visiting the Muscari and Pulmonaria.


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