Daily Prompt – Half-light

sunset 002

Albuquerque evenings, so lovely in the half light, with the bright blue New Mexican sky fading to light blue and Sandia Mountains going pink. I am resending my poem because I now know how to keep the lines together (thank you everyone who gave me advice). See if you can see the rabbit in the moon. (Ears to the top, facing left)

Albuquerque evenings,
Mountains turning pink.
Feast your eyes on sunset skies,
Don’t you even blink.
Clouds of pastel colors,
Turquoise, rose and gold.
Mountains east and mesas west,
Their stories still untold.

Albuquerque evenings,
Everywhere you look
Painted skies enchant your eyes;
It’s nature’s picture book.
Rabbit in the full moon,
Stars so bright above.
Albuquerque evenings,
Spend them with someone you love.



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Half-light

    1. It’s actually a song, Kathryn. I made it up when I was driving towards the mountains and they were turning pink. But I can’t put the music on my blog. Thank you so much for liking it.

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