Color Your World – Radical Red


phone july 17 2015 017

This was the chair in our room at Stay on Main, the hostel in Los Angeles. Cheap & cheerful, with those fluffy Belgian waffles for breakfast. A row of four waffle irons were replenished with batter and the cooked waffles removed by a helper to be kept hot in a heated cabinet for the constant flow of students (and us). I really prefer my waffles to be crisp, and after four mornings I was ready for something different. But the cost for accommodation including breakfast was very reasonable and, although friends said it was in the least salubrious part of town, we found some interesting places to eat, and a wonderful bookstore; about which I may have written already.

phone july 17 2015 019

There were quaint sculptures everywhere, and quirky artists’ workshops on the upper floor. You pass this amazing piece as you go upstairs.

phone july 17 2015 018

And although we were two old ladies, we were never bothered by the street people.

Despite the waffles, I’d Stay On Main again.



3 thoughts on “Color Your World – Radical Red

  1. Ah, bookstores. I always want to go in when I see one, and I have a hard time leaving any time soon.
    What a fun one this is. Reminds me a bit of Powells in Portland, Oregon. If you haven’t visited it yet, you’re in for a treat. Good luck getting crisp waffles at your next stop!

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Kathryn. I omitted to say it is a second hand bookstore. And we have been into Powells in Portland. Wonderful.

      I have to tell you I made your granola. Delicious, though I find myself picking out the many whole almonds to chew by themselves. I may use slivered ones next time.

      And I made some peanut butter cookies from an old UK cookbook; a tried and true favorite, but in a rush I forgot to add the egg and used plain flour instead of self-raising by mistake. They cooked in 6 mins in my convection oven instead of 13-17, didn’t spread and were just like shortbread. So I invented a new recipe!

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      1. Thank you for trying my granola recipe, Barb. I tweak recipes to suit the quirks and tastes of my family all the time. Let me know how the slivered almonds do, won’t you? And I do hope you’ll share your new recipe one day soon!


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