BEWARE, the Ides of March – or is it April 1 already?

phone 3.15.16 355

This is an untouched photo of today’s paper (March 15, 2016)

I could have believed they used an old front page, if it were April 1st today, but no; it is Tuesday March 15th. And I know it is the old paper because we recognize the stories and especially the cartoons. Some news might have been the same today – some things never change – but the cartoons do.

So what happened? How did this occur? My PA tried to phone the Journal office; they have a special number to call if you didn’t get your paper, and they’ll deliver it (again?) before long.

But he couldn’t get through. I suspect because everyone else was phoning in this odd problem.

We had to leave, but I dashed off a note with the photo above to a friend on the Journal staff, and he sent it on to the customer service department. When I get home I’ll hope for an explanation.

And a copy of the paper dated March 15, 2016. The Ides of March.


4 thoughts on “BEWARE, the Ides of March – or is it April 1 already?

    1. No, we found the correct paper on the doorstep when we got home. And we found another copy with the proper date up on the juniper bush. Was it there when Hugh picked up the “wrong” paper and therefore didn’t look for another one? Who knows.

      The next day a Journal person called and asked for the ‘old’ issue which had to be dug out of the recycle bin. He was totally puzzled; it was so obviously old, browned edges, still folded tightly, etc., and apparently our delivery man is reliable and keeps a clean car, so it was unlikely he had it in the car and tossed it by accident.

      The Journal man said there had been other odd things on this route in the past; once someone wrote nasty things on people’s papers in black ink. We must have been away when that happened as I don’t remember it.

      Is a puzzlement.


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