Color Your World – Melon

The Crayola Melon color is more like our sugar watermelons. Most of the Pueblo farmers grow melons and when we go to feast days there are always big bowls of the fruit on the laden tables.

Kathleen Wall, my lovely Jemez Pueblo potter friend makes the most delightful clay figures; they are called Koshares or Clowns, and dance around the lines of dancers at feast days. And they all have her wide, beautiful smile. Sometimes they hold stars, sometimes they are eating watermelon like this bronze.Kat Wall bronze koshare with watermelon

The Sandia Mountain that borders Albuquerque on the east is so named because Sandia is Spanish for watermelon. At sunset, the mountain turns pink for about five minutes. And the clouds are all sorts of soft colors. New Mexico is, of course, The Land of Enchantment!

One evening I was driving east towards the mountains just as they turned pink and it inspired my song, Albuquerque Evenings.

Albuquerque evenings,
Mountains turning pink.
Feast your eyes on sunset skies,
Don’t you even blink.
Clouds of pastel colors,
Turquoise, rose and gold.
Mountains east and mesas west,
Their stories still untold.

Albuquerque evenings,
Everywhere you look
Painted skies enchant your eyes;
It’s nature’s picture book.
Rabbit in the full moon,
Stars so bright above.
Albuquerque evenings,
Spend them with someone you love.

We see a rabbit as well as the man in the moon. If I were clever I would show a full moon and outline the rabbit for you. See if you can find it.


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