Color Me CalmThis morning I picked up a copy of natural awakenings, a free ‘healthy living’ paper which had an article on Adult Coloring Books. The title of the article was COLOR ME CALM (each letter a different color). According to the article (by Avery Mack) March is Color Therapy Month.

We learn that coloring “uses both sides of the brain and improves organizational and fine motor skills.” Even “30 minutes can constitute a focused meditation that relieves stress.”

So it seems to do you good as well as being fun; there are coloring book clubs and breaks in the workplace just to do coloring.

But my favorite “eco-tip” is about the “Sprout pencils, made with sustainable wood and fruit-and-vegetable-based dyed clay instead of lead.” They are also “topped by non-GMO seeds that can be planted when the pencil becomes short.” Wonderful idea.

Though it doesn’t say what kind of seeds they were, so one wouldn’t know whether it would grow a pencil tree, or what color it would be. I won’t stress out about that; I’ll just start a new picture.



    1. Yes, isn’t that a fun idea. We have a woman prof at UNM who is a ‘water’ artist. She embedded seeds (specific to different sites) in blocks of ice, and then floated them in the appropriate rivers, so the seeds would end up being deposited somewhere that they could grow. Loved that idea, too.

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