Colour Your World: Mauvelous

[I pinched this wonderful, colourful word from Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss] I always pronounced Mauve as Mow-ve in England, but here in the US they say Maw-ve which sounds terribly affected to me. Chacun a son gout, I guess.

12B May 2015 (2)12B May 2015

Lilac & wisteria at my little London house last May.


4 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Mauvelous

    1. When I came to New Mexico 29 yrs ago I was surprised to find English spring flowers – daffs, hyacinths, tulips – and roses thrive here all year! Albuquerque is a Tree City, too. And we are in a High Desert region. Isn’t nature wonderful?


  1. What a gorgeous bush (top photo). Do you know its name? Is it in your London yard? I imagine your spring in NM is well advanced by now.


  2. Hi, Cas – Yes, that’s at 12B, last May. I think it’s a lilac. We’re having lovely weather in Albuquerque just now and the pear & cherry trees are in full blossom. BUT they are too early, as we usually get frosts at least until the end of March which kills the blossoms. Devastating for the apple farmers. My herbs are shooting forth as well. With luck the next cold front will curve around to the north and miss us.


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