Color My World Wet – Washing the Frog Pond

Washing  the Frog Pond 006

“It’s time to scrub out the Frog Pond.”

“It is getting a bit greenish, isn’t it? But such a job!”

“We have to keep topping it up, it’s our humidifier.”

“Last time we added water it had scum on the top.”

“That’s because the frogs don’t keep it clean.”

“Come on, it’s not that hard; just time consuming.”

“OK, I’d better do it while the water is low.”

“Make sure you scrub every shell and stone; we need them to sparkle.”

Washing the Frog Pond 001

This little rough earthenware pond with the blue glaze inside was made by Robert Fournier at Lacock Pottery in Wiltshire. My mother was a potter and became great friends with Sheila (Cook) and Robert, and I bought the frog pond during a visit to Lacock. Sadly the Fourniers are both gone – Sheila in 2000 and Robert in 2008. This photo is from his obituary in The Independent and he is making one of his signature ponds – quite a bit bigger than mine.

Robert Fournier making pond 001

Robert’s wife Sheila – also an amazing potter – and my father, Stan, would exchange poems. They often visited us in London.

The Pottery at Lacock is now a Bed & Breakfast, but the Fournier pottery lives on in museums and galleries, and in our dining room.

It is called a Frog Pond because there are four frogs that sit on the ‘bridge’

Washing  the Frog Pond 003

and, if you look very carefully, you can see one on a ledge under the water.

Washing the Frog Pond 002



3 thoughts on “Color My World Wet – Washing the Frog Pond

    1. You’re quite right. And my only regret is that the water is so hard that it leaves a white sediment around the edge which doesn’t wash off; I could try vinegar, I suppose but don’t want to do too much scrubbing.

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