Creating the (Physical and Mental) Space to Write

Where do you write? What devices or tools do you need at your desk? Daily Post from Cheri Lucas RowlandsWall words 001

This is what I look at every day as I sit typing stories, poems, songs, e-mails and blogs in my “office.”

They are all there – my family, my PA, my almost families. The boys grow up but they stay the same age in my photos. 

There’s a Pooh picture – the real Winnie the Pooh, not the Disney cartoon. Actually Pooh isn’t in this one – it’s Christopher Robin watching the Charcoal Burner in the Great Woods. I must write about charcoal sometime.

Cartoons abound, some with dreadful puns: Two arabs walk past a tent with two men painted on it; one is labeled ‘Nomad’; the other, jumping in the air is just ‘Mad.’ One arab says to the other “That’s a good one,” and the other replies “I know a bedouin.” Took my brother a while to get it.

There are special headlines that catch my eye: “Hugh One Day, Who The Next? With UNM, It’s Always Somebody” (I have no idea now what the article was about.) “Instead of Answering Machines, HUMANS” (if only!)

And all those silly Horror-scopes that give us a laugh at breakfast. I stick up the ones that say I’m great: Your inventive mind is ablaze with new ideas. Then the letdown: It’s about time you took your intelligence seriously. Get organized.

Some of them are a bit risqué. Like the ‘Art of Ancient America’ on the bottom right, or the cartoon of “us” under the photo of my father, busy at his desk.

That family group on the left was of my aunt’s 100th birthday, and the one above is my Indonesian family celebrating Lan & Seng’s 50th anniversary. Another wall is full of just family.

My three beautiful sons share a frame with my smiling PA (when he had a beard).

It is fun to look up and see these bits & pieces. And there’s a shoe-box somewhere with everything I took off the bulletin board on the wall of my former office. One day (perhaps) I’ll make a scrapbook of them all.

But for now, I’d better finish this blog before the timer in the kitchen rings.




4 thoughts on “Creating the (Physical and Mental) Space to Write

  1. It’s a good thing you couldn’t see my desk!!! But I read somewhere “A messy desk is the sign of a busy person” – sometimes busy trying to find something, or picking up the papers that fell on the floor, I’m afraid.


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