Drawing a Blank

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/drawing-a-blank/”>Drawing a Blank</a>

In the early days of our relationship, before I had molded himself to my ways, he was often cross with me. I interrupt. And he absolutely hates anyone finishing his sentences.

“But that made me think of something and I had to tell you before I forgot”

If I (often) know what he is going to say and say it first, he says (pompously – well, he was a professor):
“If I could be allowed to finish what I was going to say” and then he repeats what I just said.

If I interrupt, and then ask him what he was going to, he says “nothing.”

Very frustrating.


I always mean to give him his own back, but when the time comes I’ve forgotten. Anyway, that’s not me.

And now we both have adjusted a bit; well, one does after 28 happy years, doesn’t one?


One thought on “Drawing a Blank

  1. Beautiful! Perfectly described, it made me think about how comfortably you two have over time “merged”. Not something I’d consciously recognised and it made me smile.
    How does “two sides of the same coin, some surface differences but the meat in the sandwich is fully shared” sound?
    Brilliant partnership xxx


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