For Want of a Nest

pigeon's lost eggs

When I was hanging out the washing a few days ago I noticed how vocal the birds were. There was a virtual chorus of cooing. Especially from the collared doves we have in abundance in our part of Albuquerque – more than your basic pigeon, which I’m not fond of.

The warm weather must have spurred the mating and nesting season. I must remember to put out the saved dryer lint for them to use.

One year we did have a pigeon set up residence in the yard. Whenever we went out to eat in the arbor under the dense wisteria vine, the bird would fly away. We decided it had a nest up there, though we couldn’t see it because of the foliage.

That autumn as the leaves fell and we could at last see through the tangle of vines to the sky, I noticed these eggs. That poor mama bird hadn’t made a proper nest at all. So sad. I just left them there because there wasn’t anything I could do; they were past saving.

On a happier note, we expect the hummingbirds back in April. Heaven knows where they nest around here, but it isn’t in the wisteria.

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