Jennifer, apologies; I attributed your challenge to our friend angloswiss; she has pointed me in your direction, so here is my barn.

When I saw the great Swiss barn angloswiss posted, I immediately thought of the round barn which I first saw many years ago when on a horseback trip to see some Pueblo stone field garden ruins in Northern New Mexico. It was in a very delapidated state at that time.

I have a photo of the “before” but it is lost somewhere in the dozens of photo albums that we used to use.

But here is the “after” and look at it now!


A year ago for Valentine’s  Day we gave each other  a joint treat at the Ojo Caliente (Hot Springs) Spa with wonderful mineral pool soaks and massages, plus reflexology (mmmmm, feels so good) & exfoliating for me; my, did I feel smooth and pampered afterwards. We also took a walk up into the ruins of a former Pueblo and to the Round Barn. That’s my lovely PA posing in front of it.

Everyone should have a spa day at some point; there is nothing quite like it. But all I can send you are happy wishes for this Valentine’s Day, whatever you are doing, and wherever you are.



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