I wrote this in response to a blog from Australia some time ago:

There are a lot of common experiences between Australian Aborigines and Native Americans. I live in the SW among the Pueblo, Navajo and Apache tribes. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque New Mexico is not only displaying the historical background since Europeans arrive in the Southwest, but also the 19 Pueblo tribes’ own cultural learnings from time immemorial. Called Cultural Narratives, this exhibit helps the non-Indians to understand what isn’t in the history books.

And it reminded me of a lovely poem I was given, written by a dear Pueblo lady, now no longer with us, alas. But her words remain. Bless you, Lucy Lowden of Acoma Pueblo for sharing this with me.


I will come to you

and take you by the hand,

Let you walk with me in my paths,

The paths of moccasin footprints,

In search of things

of my people I love,

We will call on the stars to guide us.

We will follow the music

of the Fluteplayer in the air we breathe.

When we have reached these places

of worship,

these humble places

where my ancestors once stood in silent prayer,

I will try to explain the meaning

of our beautiful prayers from the Old Ones

And why my people are the way your eyes see them.

And you sometimes cannot understand.

I would teach you names of Mother Earth’s

creatures and all her gifts.

I would share my moccasins with you

And let you walk my paths,

my cornmeal paths,

my yellow-pollen paths

That you may know

And hear the echos of the past

As I do.

Then you will know why it is not easy


to be an Indian,

And live as you do, my non-Indian friends.

You are also great people

with much to learn,

much to give.

Together we will walk

On this, Mother Earth’s land

in peace

with love and respect for each other

As only Mother Earth intended.




2 thoughts on “Understanding

  1. Thank you for this happy reminder of our shared land and its history. After so much neglect we incomers are finally beginning to cherish the peoples who have always lived close to the earth and its creatures. I heard a lovely piece on the radio this morning about the Sami people and their reindeer; and their arts and crafts handed down from one generation to the next.

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