Once around was enough

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Who else has read a book that was totally dull, horrid, or otherwise unreadable, but stuck it through to the end?

And I don’t mean school texts.

At the airport a visit to W.H.Smith’s is always a must. In a hurry I grabbed a likely looking title: The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year. I’m sorry, Sue Townsend, but that book was dreary. Your Adrian Mole stories are much better.

And it had a sad ending, for goodness sakes. [My spell check doesn’t like that final ‘s’ but that’s how I say it, so I’m leaving it)

I finished the book before we landed and pressed it onto my neighbor, not wanting to take it home.

The other one I remember – though I have totally forgotten the name (I wonder why) – was about a bunch of oddly assorted bears who trekked endlessly around looking for some place, and never seemed to get there. It just went on and on and on and on – you get the picture.

Mostly I love what I read; occasionally I stop when I’ve had enough – I never finished the Bitters book. There’s just so much technical stuff about small bottles of strong liquid that hold my interest.

But why do I – or anyone – finish a book they dislike intensely? Is a puzzlement.




2 thoughts on “Once around was enough

  1. Maybe it’s a hangover from being told to finish your spinach, a moral sense of not wasting anything on your plate. But I never finish a book I don’t like. That to me is a waste of time, my precious time.


  2. Yes Cheryl, I’m sure you are correct. Well I agree with you at least. Being of a “certain age” I latched onto your particular reason, along with “don’t you know there’s a war on”. I’m in between Cheryl and Ba…what a nice place to be! Sometimes I finish the book, sometimes I don’t.


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