Color Your World – Eggplant

angloswiss cooked up a delicious looking ratatouille. (Didn’t you love the cartoon with the little French mouse chef called Ratatouille? The pun appealed to me, and the film was delightful)

My comment about bruschetta made me think of my recent tasting which led to this blog about a theatrical event.

Had some delicious bruschetta the other night at an after-party for a new performance of “Ever the Twain: William Shakespeare in Mark Twain’s World” written by Lois Rudnick and Johnathan Richards. The Folio is visiting our Art Museum in Santa Fe so everybody is trying to put on something Shakespearean at the moment. Even my PA is learning a bunch of his sonnets; not my favorite verses, but I’ve heard werse (sorry).

And while I’m being punny, wasn’t Eggplant that book by Goethe? I think we did it in German class, though I cannot remember it at all. Only the name – sort of.

My dad was a punster, and my brother and son have inherited it. So their comments on Facebook often elicit groans.

Getting back to Eggplant, I like the long thin ones I get at the Chinese supermarket, and we love the Thai curry which uses the small, round green ones. But when I see the dark, shiny Aubergines on sale, I cannot resist. Whatever they are called, and whatever color they are, they are delicious.


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