Read, read, and reread again

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I read so fast I can always reread a good book and get something new out of it. But there is one book of which I only reread one special section.

Daphne Du Maurier’s Frenchman’s Creek is the book . I know just where it is on the bookshelf.

And I know just where the part I want to read, and reread, comes in the story.

I’ve read the whole book so many times the story is in my head, but the part I reread over and over is in my heart.

It’s when the bored Lady Donna realizes someone has been using her country home, and her bed. And then she meets the Frenchman, and then they share adventures and, inevitably, their bed.

It is so romantic, and the quaint Breton servant, William, who helps the pair is such a wonderful character.

I don’t think it would work in a modern setting. There’s something about the period which adds to the romance, but at the same time keeps it at a safe distance.

Vicarious pleasure, perhaps, but at least it doesn’t make my PA jealous.


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