Not only black socks, but…

Daily prompt – Naked with black socks
<a href="">Naked with Black Socks</a>

I do have black socks; but I also wear something else. White, pressed top, black skirt or trousers, black shoes. Jewelry ok but must not out-bling the patrons.

That’s our uniform for ushering at shows in the great Popejoy Hall at the University of New Mexico. It isn’t public speaking, but speaking with the public. A bit different.

But I wish we had something like a sash – the ushers at the National Hispanic Cultural Center have lovely brocade ones – to look a bit different from patrons who also wear white tops with black bottoms (now come on, you know what I mean).

My PA is also a Penguin when he Sings the Show Tunes on a Tuesday morning.

Hugh singing Show Tunes
Hugh singing Show Tunes

Arthur is allowed his red pullover because he is the (very funny) emcee. They rehearse for several weeks and then take the choir out to retirement homes to entertain the residents. Sometimes I go along. It’s difficult not to sing along as I know most of the songs, too. But Tuesdays are often too busy to enroll in the group.

My black socks are mandatory, but these guys can get away with any color, and often do. I saw some very cute ones at Christmas time and I wouldn’t put it past them to war pink hearts on Valentines Day. Sorry, I don’t have a photo of those.


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