Not a Mill or a Muele but a Molen

windmill (2)

This is a Dutch watermill at the Kinderdyke…and the reason it is small is that I don’t know how to crop my scanned photos to get rid of the excess white around the picture. Or alternatively, how do I scan a small photo so there isn’t all that white space left around it? Any helpful ideas?


5 thoughts on “Not a Mill or a Muele but a Molen

  1. Your photo software should have a crop button somewhere and you can adjust the edges of the photos as you wish. Are you scanning on a printer and sending to a PC? Or uploading from your phone?


    1. Hi, I don’t have a smart phone, and my Windows 7/Google Chrome doesn’t seem to allow me to crop, though I could always do it before when I was on MSN and Internet Explorer. I was going to ask in the Community Pool for advice, but perhaps you can help me?


      1. I would be glad to try. I don’t use Chrome but Microsoft will have software installed automatically which you can use to crop. If you can see the photo on your desktop, right click it and there will be an option to ‘open with’ … you should be able to see something like Microsoft Office Photo or Windows photo viewer… pick either of those and the photo will open in that program with various editing tools you can use. See if that helps and if not we’ll try something else.

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  2. I can go that far but no further; for some reason the “crop” option is not highlighted so will not respond. And that’s the very tool I want to use. I’ll have to try ‘help’ and see if there is a way around it.


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