Not a Squash Blossom

museum tab necklace

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The Zuni Pueblo jewelers are known for their elaborate necklaces, hung with “squash blossoms”. The shape is actually a pomegranate blossom, but so what. They are gorgeous and much sought after.

But they are also handmade, of silver and turquoise, and therefore expensive. So I don’t have one.

It was hard for me (a born pack rat) to throw away the metal admission tags we were given each time we visited the Santa Fe museum of the Institute of American Indian Arts (since renamed the Museum of Contemporary Arts). They were all such pretty colors.

So I made a “squash tag” necklace with the tags all clipped or sewn onto a shoelace. There were even enough for earrings.

I wore it once to the museum, which gave them a laugh.

Of course budget cuts and the new name changed the metal tags for paper stickers. I don’t keep those.






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