Fan Palm > Fabulous

We were going to see the longest waterfall but got side-tracked. Under an awning in the carpark, a Hawaiian elder was busy turning fan palm fronds into gorgeous baskets. The finished one was quickly snapped up and, sadly, we couldn’t wait for the next one to be done. But the camera caught the beauty of the work.

And if you look carefully at the bottom front of the first photo, you will see some fine wires with folded-leaf dragonflies on them. We each went away with one but like dragonflies, they proved ephemeral.

Hawaii 060
The Hawaiian craftsman
Hawaii 065
Close up of base
Hawaii 066
The finished bowl

And we did actually go down to see the waterfall, too.

Hawaii 056


2 thoughts on “Fan Palm > Fabulous

  1. Oh, I do so enjoy posts like this, where someone shows me something I’ve never seen before. At least in just that way, as I live with a basket weaver, but these photos, of this basket, and that gentleman making it, lovely. As is the photo of you–or is that your friend. Either way, I can almost catch the scents of the water and growing things.

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  2. Lovely to see this craftsmanship surviving in our factory age. We had a similar experience in Sri Lanka, watching a man fashioning a bowl from bamboo. How clever of you to get such good photos.


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