writing vs typing 001

Drake Baer wrote a fine article in Business Insider magazine to show how writing makes you smarter. He says:

Typing is fast. 

Handwriting is slow.

Weirdly, that’s precisely why handwriting is better suited to learning.

Read more:

Once I only took notes in shorthand, feeling that I was being the perfect secretary. Every word was there; I could even read them back and transcribe them – on my typewriter.

But I found I always had a lot of unnecessary words, so I changed to writing longhand.

Writing real words made me listen more carefully, and I got the important bits.

So this article really hit home.

And the photo is of my father’s notes about the music recording for Don Juan. He left me not only the information, but his unique handwriting. It is easier to read than the carbon copies faded with time.

Now if only I could blog in longhand, would that work? I think there are electronic pens nowadays.

But perhaps not; there’s only just so much time to say all I have to say. So typing it must be. And reading everyone’s blogs will be how I learn these days.



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