Keep it Simple (2) – daily blog

Bed making, simplified

We were taught to make our beds at an early age. Smooth out the bottom sheet (no fitted ones in those days), plump the pillows, draw up the top sheet and fold neatly over the blanket. And very important, make smooth “hospital corners” at the bottom; hold up the sheet, tuck part in and tuck the other over that, tightly. Then tuck in the top sheet and blanket on both sides of the bed neatly and tightly.

Thus going to bed became a tussle to get the top covers loose enough to get in, and your feet were squashed down until, with some wriggling, you could get comfortable.

And those invisible chambermaids who pop into your hotel/motel room when you aren’t there to make your beds, do just as we did in our young days. Neat and tight.

When I came to live in New Mexico I discovered that only the very bottom was tucked in; the tpp covers hung down loosely on both sides. I was rather shocked at first. But now I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

Especially since I get up in the night these days. It’s easy to slide over and out without waking my sleeping PA, and back in again two minutes later to cuddle under the clothes.

And the bedspread hides it all. So simple.


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