X MARKS THE SPOT – alphabet prompt

2Grey Hills rug (2)

Woven by a Navajo woman from natural color wool, this rug is a variation of what is called Two Grey Hills pattern. That’s the name of the area in Dine Bitah (Navajo Nation) in the 4 Corners area – New Mexico, Arizona, Utah & Colorado uniquely meet at a crossroad of states. Perhaps that is represented by the center of the X here. If you look very carefully at the bottom right, you will see a faint white line passing through the black border; that is the spirit line to let the spirit of the rug free to the atmosphere.

Those unfamiliar with SW rugs should notice that Native rugs have ties at the corners, while Mexican-made rugs, which often look very similar, have fringes. There is a vast difference in the quality of the work involved, and therefore the price.

Navajo rug making starts with rearing and herding the churro sheep,  shearing the fleece, carding and spinning the wool even before the weaving begins. No dyes were used in this rug. The weavers bring their rugs to monthly auctions at Shiprock, NM, where we purchased this one.

https://www.camerontradingpost.com/navajo-weaving.html  for more information.




3 thoughts on “X MARKS THE SPOT – alphabet prompt

  1. Beautiful. It’s good to see that someone is still making things in such a way, and with such intentions. I wonder if Wm Morris and John Ruskin knew of these people.

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