Now You See Me

Now You See Me

My husband thinks I can appear and disappear at will, and I am not about to disillusion him.

He says every time he starts to go somewhere in the house, I turn up in the same place – he says I’m in his way; but of course he is also in mine. He thinks I do it on purpose. I just say it’s his magnetic personality. An irresistible attraction.

And then I often hear him say “Where are you?”; so obviously I am invisible, not just in unexpected places, or just out of sight line.

We all know that something you are looking for is always in the last place you look.

(I have put a code at the top, but I don’t know what it does, so here goes; will my blog disappear, along with me?)

8 thoughts on “Now You See Me

    1. My father worked for the Bell Telephone Company in the first half of the 20th Century; he once told me he thought telephones were a good thing because they kept people at home to answer them. With iPhones and all those gadgets nowadays, you don’t have to be at home anymore. I’ve heard that question put by someone in a store to their spouse/friend/child in the same store. I guess it saves running around hunting for them.Or it might mean, Why aren’t you here; I’ve been waitig more than half an hour!


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