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She wasn’t really an ancient ancestor, but my mother’s mother, who graciously housed my family when we returned from the United States until we found a place to live. British table manners were something we had to learn.

I well remember having to eat our fruit with a knife and fork, special dainty ones, not like those we used for the main course. And, of course, if we were having fish, we used the fish knives and forks – I have a set in the back of the buffet but didn’t bother to get them out for the salmon tonight.

And you didn’t spread your butter or marmalade all over your toast. You put a pat on the side of your plate and added a dab of each to a corner of toast, then bit that off. And so on. We heathens just slapped the peanut butter all over the bread.

And I’m sure she would be horrified to see me with my arms on the table.

But then, we were those American Girls for a while, and forgiven our bad manners. At least we didn’t chew gum.





3 thoughts on “Daily Blog – Modern Families

  1. This one really went home. I remember having to learn English table manners from my mother-in-law, including not leaving the milk carton on the table, but decanting it into a nice jug.

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    1. Oh, yes, we had to do that too. In fact I still have a phobia (small one) about putting the carton on the table. Good to have lots of different sized jugs to decant into.


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