Blogging 101 – latest task #9 – revised

We are asked to write a blog ‘building on’ a comment we made yesterday, in order to show inspiration from another blog. And we have to link to that blog. I hope I can do that.

But I do know how to build on the comment I made to delightful cook, Kathryn Grace, of yayyay’skitchen about her warming, winter soup recipe – black bean and cabbage.

I commented that I could almost smell the soup and had all the ingredients to hand, so would make it for lunch. And I did, and took a photo.

And because I don’t know if you can post a photo on a comment, Kathryn, here is the photo. Thank you for the soup recipe; it was really delicious.

winter soup from Yayyay's kitchen blog

And I am pleased to report that we had no unpleasant results from the ingredients.

STOP PRESS: BUT, friends, I didn’t get the pingback right so this is what I should have posted: That should work, and this isn’t the only yummy recipe you’ll find there. Enjoy.


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