Just one luxury?

Top of my list would probably be unlimited plane travel, in first class of course. (I love Virgin Airlines calling it Upper Class – tells it all) I could pop here and there without bothering to spend days checking prices and schedules. Lovely thought.

But a practical luxury might be soft water. My skin flakes like peeling sunburn with hard water. Not a pretty sight. The dryness of New Mexico doesn’t help.

We had a visit from someone purporting to test our water for us; as you might expect, he wanted to sell us a mammoth soft water system that required a pit dug on the property to house the huge tank.

He did his best to make a sale, even admitting they had some reconditioned systems for half the price, and it did sound like a good thing to have, but we resisted.

So I just have to keep pouring on the moisturizer. And hope to win the lottery.


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