Would that I had Wings

Childhood Revisited  –  Daily Prompt  12/30/15

We had a playroom when we were small; I guess I was about 4 or 5. In the middle was a very large table. Daddy had cut the legs so it was low enough for our little chairs, and we used it for all sorts of projects, meals, etc. But what I remember is that I could jump off the table and fly around the room. It is a very clear memory. I don’t remember my two sisters being there. Or even talking about it.

As a teenager I loved Wonder Woman comics. And I could fly in my dreams. If I wanted to get away from anything, or just go somewhere, I just had to jump up and away I would go over the trees. This flying dream continued for years. I don’t know when it stopped.

I have flown a lot as a grown up, in airplanes and even hot air balloons. But it isn’t the same.


2 thoughts on “Would that I had Wings

    1. I also had a dream about owning Willow Tree Farm with two super horses, that I would “escape to” if I were having a bad dream. That, too, has disappeared.
      Lovely to chat with you. Are you also blogging? I tried going into LondonCreature, but got nothing. Should there be more to the name?
      xx to you & J.


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