Stroke of Midnight – daily prompt

This January 1st at the stroke of midnight we were in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, asleep. We had watched the ball fall in Times Square on TV at 10pm our time, so that was good enough for us crumblies.

But one year we were in San Diego for the Modern Language Association conference, and stayed over to see the New Year in. We booked a dinner show at the Balboa Park theater. The play was called “Striking 12” and was a musical performed by a group of talented young musicians. The story was a modern version of ‘The Little Match Girl,’ but in this one it was a graduate student trying to sell light bulbs door to door.

We had dinner first, al fresco, and then watched the show. Dessert was served at intermission, with all the accompanying paraphernalia to welcome the New Year at midnight. After which, we returned to the theater to see the last act.

It was a great evening. I remember I had to buy some new clothes as I hadn’t brought party togs to the conference; I’m still using them today.

We don’t ‘party’ until 12 am these days, so it’s good to have memories.



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