Introducing: Talking Pictures, a Sound Decision

Assignment 1 Blogging 101– introduce yourself, aims, etc Vitaphone crew 1925

I’m writing a biography of my father, Stan Watkins,(front row, 3rd from left) who was one of the engineers that invented sound movies. I’m English, living in New Mexico, and in my 80th year, so I need help researching for my book while I’m still compos mentis. I decided Blogging might be the way to get out into cyberspace. But the name of my blog: , doesn’t mean much to anyone not connected to the industry, so I think I need to change it. I did think of calling it “What Daddy Did” which might bring some curious followers, but my husband isn’t keen on that one. Any ideas???

I have posted a lot of blogs since taking a Continuing Education class but not very many about my main subject. I hope Blogging 101 will put me on the right path, and I look forward to any help all you other Bloggers can give. Good luck on all your projects, too. I’ll follow with interest.



2 thoughts on “Introducing: Talking Pictures, a Sound Decision

  1. Hi Ba, your intro is terrific;asking for help and offering reciprocation.
    Is this any help for a working title? “My Father and the birth of The Talkies, a sound decision”

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