A Little of What You Fancy

One Glass of Red Wine a Day

I don’t know where this came from but obviously it was a keeper.

My father used to say: A little of what you fancy does you good. And they say red wine does one good, a fact I’m very glad to know. I have other habits which may or may not be bad for me, but if I fancy them, they must be doing me good.

I wrote a song about things I like (specially for my P.A. who is top of my list); it is called: The Food of Love (Shakespeare’s music notwithstanding)

I like cream in my coffee; I like green chile stew.

But when it comes to the food of love

Baby, I”ll take music – and you.

I like all kinds of fine wine, at a cozy dinner for two,

But even better to satisfy me, is a cup of loving from you.

Everybody needs someone, to feed their fantasy,

So from the a la carte of men, I’ll order you for me.

I like all kinds of ice cream, pies and chocolate too,

Got a real sweet tooth for those yummy things

But there’s nothing sweeter than you!

Loses something without the music, but I can’t help that. And I don’t know how to get my song lines together like Judy’s poems do. Advice?


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