Singing is a Better Sound

Well I found my song. Can’t put the tune here too (unless someone tells me how to do that!), and to my surprise I found it isn’t as much of an upper as I had remembered. In fact it finishes up rather a downer.

But here it is anyway.

Singing is a better sound than sighing,
Even when there’s no one there
To sing along with me.

Singing is a better sound than crying,
Even when the music
Is in a minor key.

When I’m feeling lonely and unhappy
Thinking of the tender magic we once wove,

Singing cheers my heart and lifts my spirits,
Even when it’s to myself
I’m singing words of love.

Someday when I’m old and grey they’ll see me
Walking on my lonely way,
Singing as I go.

They will say “There goes that happy lady/fella”
And the sadness that I feel
Well, maybe it won’t show.

Better than to suffer and be silent.
Better than to mutter out loud, foolishly.

Songs of love can make a person happy,
Even if that person will be
Anyone but me.
Country & Western song (two-step).

Barbara Witemeyer
Albuquerque, NM
2 December 1995

Keep on Singing!


3 thoughts on “Singing is a Better Sound

  1. It’s a stiff upper lip kind of song, isn’t it, one that, if we keep singing it, will transform our mood. So often song has rescued me from despair, as it did my mother before me, and likely hers before that.

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    1. Keep smiling at yourself (and others) and singing – it’s the Albuquerque Folk Festival this weekend so there will be a lot of singing going on, and I’ll be joining it. Thanks for your comments, dear KG

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