80 Years Young

Young At Heart

Daily post – What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

At my 80th birthday party a friend asked me for my ‘secret.’ Why do I not show my age either physically or mentally (except sometimes)?

I usually say it is the great genes from my mother’s side of the family. They all lived to be over ninety; my last two aunts died just before their 102nd and 105th birthdays.

But it’s not just that, and of course that isn’t a secret.

Many of my friends, my younger sister included, say that they don’t know that old wrinkly person they see when then look in the mirror. And it upsets them.

I, on the other hand, always smile at myself. Blow the wrinkles. I’m happy to see me.

One of my favorite songs is called The Middle Years. It comes from the musical Your Own Thing based on Twelfth Night. The Countess sings it when she is thinking about life. One line goes: I’ve got a few wrinkles, I wear them with pride. I’ve worked hard for them, I’ve nothing to hide.

That’s my attitude, exactly.

I volunteer a lot; usually dashing from one thing to another. One friend calls me a hummingbird.

And I do hum (the musical kind, I hasten to add); I sing all the time around the house. And laugh a lot. Find the funny side of things. I’m sure that’s a good thing to do.

So not really any secrets to my aging – reaching 80; what I’m doing is maybe more like ripening (I’ve never considered myself really mature).

The only hard part is seeing younger friends struggling with nasty illnesses and dying. But it doesn’t make me aware of my mortality; that isn’t me. When my time comes, I shan’t be aware of it anyway.

So, go ahead smile, laugh and sing. I wrote a song about that. Look for “Singing is a Better Sound Than Sighing” on my next blog.





5 thoughts on “80 Years Young

  1. Yeah, that’s my sister, go for it! Stay in the bubble, I’m just the same: don’t forget my saying thru recent difficulties – JFDI just fffflippin do it! Loves ya

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  2. Your article made me laugh at myself today because just last week, as I was trying on one pair of new glasses frames after another, I became acutely aware of how OLD my face is now. Usually I do as you, look in the mirror, not too closely in my case, smile at the woman looking back and go about my day. But that day, well, I tried on dozens of pairs of frames. My dearest took photographs so I could see how they looked on me, since my eyes are too far gone to give me more than a blur without help from the opticals. The first photograph stunned me. Who IS that old lady! So yes, “Blow the wrinkles. I’m happy to see me.” Love that. Thank you for sharing your attitude, and for mentioning singing. Singing keeps us happy, doesn’t it? That and smiling and laughing.

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  3. I think that’s a great idea – taking photos so you can see yourself in the new specs. That’s always been the most difficult part for me when choosing new frames; because without my regular glasses I couldn’t properly see what the new ones might look like. Thanks for the idea, and the joyfulness in your comment.


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