Yes, It Does Snow in New Mexico

And despite being in high desert, it gets really cold. At least not as cold as where my sister lives, Fairbanks Alaska, but for New Mexicans who revel in sunshine for 360 days a year for the temperature to plunge below freezing is unpleasant.

Except for the skiers.

Which I’m not.

Yesterday we were planning to go to Jemez Pueblo, a good hour’s drive north, as they were having the Matachines Dances. That’s a spectacularly colorful and interesting dance done by many of the Pueblos and also several Hispanic towns; the history of the dance varies but it seems to have come north from Mexico either with Cortez or Montezuma.

We awoke to pouring rain, but we decided to brave it as the Matachines are not performed very often.

That was the right decision. By the time we got to Jemez the weather had cleared, though the Pueblo was very muddy and it was really cold. The plaza had been strewn with dry sand where the dance took place, with gullies dug to direct the water away.

It was a super day, great dancers, great music, and a long chatty lunch with friends. And it was dry and sunny when we got home to Albuquerque.

We stoked up the fire and made supper to eat in front of the TV.

Which didn’t work; probably the rain we decided. So we watched a recorded (Continental) Indian film.

In the morning we found everything covered in 3″ of snow. To get the paper, my PA had to put on his wellington boots and get out the snow shovel. Neither of which have been used for years!

By the afternoon the sun had cleared the roads, but there is a lot of snow left. And the TV works again.

So when you visit New Mexico, remember we have four seasons and it does snow.




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