Daily Prompt – when did you feel insecure?

My Personal Assistant is 6’4″ – or was at the time. Old age has cut off an inch or so.

We were still courting and had gone on holiday to Wales. In the middle of February – a crazy time. Everything was frozen and/or closed.

But we were young(er) and enjoying his Spring break.

The Pembrokeshire Coast is a lovely, long scenic area on the west side of Wales, the Atlantic Ocean beating against the rocky shore.

I don’t know to this day if he was showing off, feeling macho, or what. The sign clearly warned against walking on the rocks that stuck out into the ocean.

So when he ventured out a bit, and then a bit further, then past the sign, I was distinctly uncomfortable. We weren’t yet at the point in our relationship when I could order him to come back, not to go any further.

I watched anxiously. What could I do if he fell? I didn’t want to go out there myself. Nobody else was around. This was before cell phones were in everyone’s pocket. So I couldn’t call for help. I began to panic.

This was a BIG man; I am 5’3″. What if he slipped and broke a leg. No way could I catch him, or pick him up or save him from a watery grave.

Suddenly I had a thought. I put my hand in my pocket and relaxed. No worries. He had given me the car keys.

He survived. But thirty years later I still keep my set clipped to my trousers.





  1. And you were absolutely right to worry, it’s the “seventh wave” syndrome. In my western Ireland something like 10 or more people a year are drowned having been carried out to sea by a big wave suddenly rearing up and sucking them out to sea. They can be as much as 30 feet high amidst an. apparently, calm sea. Their amplitude is invisible due to the depth of the seabed immediately offshore it is only when they hit do they mount up and up and…up! Be VERY aware.


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