It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife

Yesterday I was at a TEDx party (I was a speaker in November!) and took my veggie posole, some bowls and a bag of 100 soup spoons. Getting those spoons was a challenge, I may tell you. Another blog, I think.

But I didn’t think those spoons would be used to serve cream cheese, and a cranberry covered roll of goat cheese. Very unwieldy to spread with a spoon.

So I looked through my belly bag (some people might call it a fanny pack but I wear it at the front). I explain I was a Boy Scout mom, so I always come prepared.

And sure enough I found a plastic knife therein.

So I added that to the cheese roll, and felt very virtuous. Not sure anyone else was at all bothered, but there you are. I saw the need for a knife where there were only spoons.


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