I only wanted a soup spoon

We were having lovely soups for my party; enough for 100 people. And so I wanted enough soup spoons for the occasion, plastic of course.

You can always find boxes of ordinary spoons anywhere in a variety of colors. But soup spoons – those with the deep round bowl – are not so easy to come by as I found.

I even wrote to a supplier who regretted they didn’t do soup spoons. However they kindly sent coupons for their other cutlery.

Finally I discovered the most wonderful store; a kitchenmaid’s delight. This was a restaurant supplier and the warehouse was open to the public.

I called the main office and they said my local store had five packs of 100. So off I went.

I spent a happy hour ogling the hundreds of selections from candelabras to toothpicks but could not find the plastic soup spoons I wanted. Please don’t say they are not here either, I thought.

So I asked someone.

Oh yes, he said, and led me to the right place where there were, indeed, 5 packs of exactly what I needed – strong white plastic soup spoons.

And they were less than $2 a pack; so I bought two (big spender).

A few days later I was in a mega Walmart, not the one near my home that I usually went to. And would you believe they had the soup spoons I had looked for in vain. Only they cost nearly the same for a packet of 10 as the ones I already had.

Someone up there was looking out for me this time. And I know I’ll be going back to that super store, even just to browse. There is bound to be something else that I need, and I shan’t bother looking elsewhere first.




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