DESAYUNO EN EL JARDIN – (Gatos de San Miguel)


(Gatos de San Miguel)

They live in this garden, six of them. The other seven only come at mealtimes. Josefina’s spoon clicks and clacks as she moistens the dry cat food with some from a can. She has already collected the empty saucers of yesterday evening and now distributes the pellets evenly between them. This is her first job of the day.

Outside, the cats listen with obvious, familiar anticipation. There ae only ten of them today. Two grey and white, five black and white – one patterned just like a Gateway cow – one brown-tip Siamese, one tortoise-shell. They all look fit, fat and fluffy. The last cat, however, a rusty black one, looks out of place, rough-coated, a bit mangy possibly.

Even the black and white cats that belong here move deferentially around and away from the visitors as they sort out their territories. They pace and circle, nervously eying each other. Occasionally there is a face-off, one giving way to the challenger. Sometimes, with a burst of speed, one darts behind the potted plants to emerge cautiously and resume pacing. Having established the hierarchy they all settle down to wait.

Josefina appears at the kitchen door, balancing a pile of filled saucers. She stoops to pet one home cat while all eyes watch her expectantly. The neighborhood cats move away to a safe distance as she slides each saucer across the tiles – one for each cat. If, impatient, two try to share, Josefina slides another plate nearby so each has its own food.

At last, four grouped to one side, the other six side by side in a line, the cats eat peacefully. As they finish, they go their own ways, until this evening when they will once again gather for dinner in the garden.



7 thoughts on “DESAYUNO EN EL JARDIN – (Gatos de San Miguel)

    1. Hi, Judy. No we live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But we were in San Miguel for a week in 2006 while the play “Copenhagen” was on there. Hugh played Neils Bohr. The woman who played Mrs Bohr lived in San Miguel so she organized the performance at the Biblioteca, the meeting place for the English speaking residents. It was a fun time. Barb


      1. Oh sheesh…I knew you lived in New Mexico! Sorry. Yes, I know the Biblioteca. We spent 8 weeks in SM but ended up moving here instead. I stil go every few years for the writer’s conference there.

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      2. I found other things I had written about that time, which I had totally forgotten about.
        A nice memory was the Christmas tree in front of the church made by rows and rows of pots of red and white poinsettia.
        A not so nice memory is being housebound by Montezuma’s Revenge after eating cashew ice cream from a cart while the others were enjoying coconut shrimp in a restaurant. Ah, the joys of travel.

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