Gingerbread Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde Gingerbread House

Christmas means gingerbread houses, no? The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center has a competition every year, and this year they had 49 entries, from children and adults; hoping for the prize money.

The entry hall of the Cultural Center is crowded with half a dozen tables laden with sugar, gingerbread, graham crackers, candies and chocolate. Pretzel ladders lead up to chimneys with fondant smoke. Gingerbread men and marshmallow snowmen, even cookie bears, live here.

The edible Pueblo houses are all shapes and sizes, but one stands out.

This magnificent creation is stunning. Yes, it is made entirely of gingerbread slabs and icing – but the cliff dwellings are unique and the trees are piped green icing sugar.

Even the ‘snow’ on the top is hanging realistically over into the caves.

If you have been to Mesa Verde in southern Colorado, this will bring back memories. If you haven’t, this is what it looks like.

I had to vote for this as my favorite adult entry.

But next year we may have to reduce the size requirement; the room can’t hold many more.



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