True Ghost Story

I was convalescing from a major operation. Those were the days before you were sent home soon after invasive procedures. For two weeks we were housed in a former old people’s home, not even allowed to make our beds, everything done for us, and even good food three times a day. We just had to laze around and heal. I heartily recommend it.

I shared a room with two other convalescent women. It was a large room with four beds, widely separated.

One morning one of my friends asked me if I had come over to her bed during the night. I said I had not, but we didn’t think anything about it at the time.

The next morning the other woman said she thought she saw Matron standing at the door of the room, just standing there looking at her.

But we all knew that it was Matron’s night off and she had gone home before we went to bed.

Very odd. We wondered, but didn’t dwell on it. I don’t remember discussing it too much. Just the residues of anesthetic, we decided.

However, it was obviously now my turn. And sure enough that night I was awoken by the feeling of a slight pressure on my stomach.

When I opened my eyes I could clearly see a small, plump woman in a long black dress standing by my bed with her hands on the coverlet. Her face was blurry, but it was definitely a person.

Then I did something I still regret. Instead of just observing this phenomenon, my first real ghost, I gave a startled cry, and she disappeared. What a missed opportunity, I thought.

These three apparitions were obviously nurses from the previous home, just looking after the new patients. None of us had felt threatened.

A few days later a fourth woman joined us. We decided not to frighten her with our ghostly experiences. And if she had any nightly visitors, she never said.



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