Christmas in the kitchen

I’m sitting at the computer smelling the Christmas puddings simmering on the stove. Can you believe I am actually cooking them for the required 8 hours, checking now and then (I do have my alarm on) to add more water. And they will require another 2 hours (or 30 mins in the microwave) on the day. Half way through the month I’ll poke holes in them and spoon some brandy onto them. The uneaten ones will last in the fridge until next year that way.

One year friends gave us a Fortnam & Mason pudding; that is a very high class (i.e. expensive) store in London renowned for its speciality foods. It was just a tiny pudding in a bright green plastic basin with lid.

We had visitors and I was spending too much time chatting and not enough paying attention (nothing new). So when I went to serve the pudding – Horrors! – the water had not only evaporated completely, but the green bowl had completely melted down onto the pan and the pudding sat, naked, on the rack it perched on.

Too late to prepare another dessert, and we needed our Christmas pudding, so onto the dish it went, the brandy poured over it, and I carried it flaming into the dining room. And it was delicious with the brandy butter that, thankfully, was fine.

I guess that was one of my embarrassing moments that turned out ok. I was very grateful that the green plastic came off the bottom of the pan easily when cold. At least I didn’t have to throw away the pan.

So that’s why I have the alarm on every hour on the hour, and the kettle boiled ready to add more water.

And it really smells yummy.


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